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Art Brushes Stained with Paint
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23rd April
Art competition

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Subject: Atatürk and the Children of the World

Submission Dates:  10 February - 31 March

Prize: First place - $250, Second place - $125, Third place - $75,  Honorable Mention - Painting Course

Bingul Cute | President | Art Teacher / Artist (New York)
Hikmet Barutcugil | Academician / Turkish Marbling Artist (Turkey)
Hikmet Cetinkaya | Painter (Canada) 
Yalcin Gokcebag | Painter (Turkey) 
Gurbuz Dogan Eksioglu | Graphic Design / Illustrator (Turkey) 
Okan Akin | Artist (Netherlands) 
Mustafa Delioglu | Painter (Turkey)
Mehtap Memecan | Art Teacher (New York) 
Necdet Yilmaz | illustrator (New York) 
Nilhan Kislali | Journalist (New York) 
Tumay Koprulu | Interior Architect (New York) 
Gulsah Elcin Cute | Architect (New York)

Eser Gönderme Sistemi kapandı.

Yarışma Sonuçları

Contest Specifications

Participating competitor must accept all the conditions in the specification.

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