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Rising From The Rubble

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1924 Erzurum Pasinler Depremi – Atatürk Halkın Yaralarını Sarıyor

“İnsanları mutlu edecek tek vasıta, onları birbirlerine yaklaştırarak, onlara birbirlerini sevdirerek, karşılıklı maddi ve manevi ihtiyaçlarını karşılamaya yarayan hareket ve enerjidir.”

-Mustafa Kemal Atatürk (1931)

We convey our best wishes to all our citizens and our country who experienced the 7.4 magnitude earthquake that was experienced in our country and felt in many cities; We wish God's mercy on those who lost their lives, our condolences to their families and relatives, and a speedy recovery to the injured. 100% of all proceeds go to support the victims of the Earthquake, through our trusted organization.

-Ataturk's Heritage

Holding Hands

What is the Hold My Hand initiative?
It is an initiative to cover the annual expenses of families with children who have lost their homes and jobs due to the earthquake and are still in the earthquake zone in Turkey.  It is a sibling family acquisition formation known as “adoption” in America.  

How will Hold My Hand work?
We will compile lists of families that will receive help by working with institutions we trust in Turkey. As an association, with your help, we will send these families $500 per month, corresponding to the monthly minimum wage, for 1 year. The number of sibling families will depend on the size and continuity of the contribution we can gather as an association.

What is the role of Atatürk's Legacy?
The family list will be created by Atatürk's Heritage by working with the institutions we trust in Turkey.  Families with children who have lost their homes and jobs and are still in the earthquake zone will be given priority. Donations will be collected in a pool within Atatürk's Heritage and distributed to families by our association. Our association will provide all kinds of transparency in this regard.  A tax receipt will be provided for your donations. 

How can you contribute to the Hold My Hand initiative?
(a)    You can set a monthly budget for yourself and donate to our association every month for 1 year
(b)    You can donate as a lumpsum if you wish
(c)    You can further increase your donations with the 'company matching' system
(d)    Business owners and managers can make a lumpsum or monthly donations personally or as a business
(e)    You can spread this initiative around as much as possible and direct it to our association 
(f)    You can help with the administrative works of this initiative (Send a message to Aytürk - 718 288 5237)

Holding Hands
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